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Impact Products - NEW Banana Cones

Product Overview

These Bananas are extremely effective at gaining attention and delivering the intended warning.


  • Stackable with or without the attached stem
  • Compliant with OSHA and International Safety Standards
  • Replacement stems sold separately Item# BBRNSTM
  • Weight Rings available for 2ft and 3ft Cones
  • Trilingual in English, Spanish and French Canadian


Fresh Products - NEW My Fresh

Dry Fragrance Inserts

Liquid free, dry fragrance inserts release the right amount of light, appealing fragrance, reducing fragrance overload, and eliminating floor residue.

freshFan Technology

Our small, high-velocity fan pulls air through the filters and distributes fragrance – moving 5-10 times more air than typical dispensers – exactly when and where it is needed.

Versatile Design

myfresh’s compact design and motion activated release make it perfect for freshening the air exactly when and where it’s needed.



Claire - NEW C-589 Bio Enzymatic Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner

Fast acting enzymes safely remove stubborn stains & odor-causing organic matter.

Inverted spray with foaming action penetrates deep into carpet and upholstery fibers.
This product attacks spots, stains and odors in two ways:
First, by a new unique chemical system that dissolves and suspends the
embedded foreign matter.
Second: by enzyme-generating bacteria that breaks down organic residues thereby
eliminating stains and odors.


Bobrick - NEW LED Mirror Collection

Bobrick is proud to announce our new LED Mirror collection, which brings high quality LEDs together with commercial grade mirror construction to provide a product that reflects high design, quality, and value. 

With energy efficient LEDs, an IP44 rating, and safety film backed glass, Bobrick LED mirrors provide a brilliantly lit and worry free installation for many years.  The illuminated mirrors also eliminate the need for a vanity light fixture adding even more value to building owners.  Mirror assembly includes hardware required for mounting.  

Bobrick LED mirrors are available in two standard style options and are in stock in the following sizes for delivery.